Exploring the potential of Offshore Wind Farms
Unleashing the power of the breeze: where every gust fuels a greener tomorrow.
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project background

Τhe Project


Purpose and Object of the project

The European Union (EU) has already set targets for achieving climate neutrality with the main objective being the development of renewable energy sources (RES) for 2030 up to 40%. In this context, the development of offshore wind farms is now a European and national political priority, as they can contribute the most to the achievement of the above goals and, in general, to the decarbonization of the planet.

The purpose of the project is the further study for the optimal location of the offshore wind farms in Crete, with the aim of strengthening the energy security of the island, the release of land and the exploitation of the offshore wind potential.

NATURA 2000 network


European Ecological Network NATURA 2000 

The European ecological network Natura 2000 is a network of nature protection zones that extends across the Community and aims to ensure the long-term conservation of its most valuable and most threatened species and habitats at a satisfactory level. 

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